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Nova Scotia Francophone Immigration Action Plan 2019-2021

English | Français

Agreement on Canada-Nova Scotia Cooperation on Immigration
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Annex A - Provincial Nominees
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Nova Scotia Nominee Program

Open Data Portal - Immigration Data Sets
Nova Scotia Nominee Program Evaluation Report
Nova Scotia Nominee Program Evaluation Report
Business Case for More NS Immigrants
October 2012
Review of The Economic Stream of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program
July 2012
The Nova Scotia Nominee Program - The First Two Years: A Status Report
September 2005
Key Immigration Terms  



French-language Services Plan (Plan de services en français)

2021-2022 English | Français  
2020-2021 English | Français  
2019-2020 English/Français  
2018-2019 English/Français  
2017-2018 English/Français  
2016-2017 English/Français  
2010-2011 English | Français  
2009-2010 English | Français  
2008-2009 English | Français  
2007-2008 English | Français  


Business Plans and Statements of Mandate

Statement of Mandate 2015-2016  
Statement of Mandate 2014-2015  
Statement of Mandate 2011-2012  
Statement of Mandate 2010-2011  


Business Plan

Business Plan 2009-2010  
Business Plan 2008-2009  
Business Plan 2007-2008  
Business Plan 2006-2007  
Business Plan 2005-2006  


Accountability Reports

Accountability Report

Accountability Report 2014-15  
Accountability Report 2010-11  
Accountability Report 2009-10  
Accountability Report 2008-09  
Accountability Report 2007-08  
Accountability Report 2006-07  
Accountability Report 2005-06  


Citizenship and Immigration Canada

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada, or have questions about your existing federal application, please visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website for more information or call 1-888-242-2100 if you are in Canada.